bedroom by the sea

sea breeze, linen sheets… and a full day of napping.


There is a lot to be said about what makes for the perfect nap. We admire anyone who plans their Sunday, or any day for that matter, around taking some well needed rest. Speaking of, we recently shot Pandora, sipping on coffee + finding solace in a coastal bedroom oasis of our making.

by pono ‘chop chop’ serving board.

Dreamy, playful + reminiscent of a fleeting summer spent along the gorgeous coast lines of Lancelin, WA.

hand spun 100% cotton ‘hermina’ ikat.

If we we’re being picky (which of course we’re not when it comes to naps) we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else during the final days of warm weather…

fremantle midnight blue 100% pure linen.

…in the gentle mid-morning sea breeze we know oh so well here on the West Coast; sun shining only slightly through the curtains + nothing on the schedule til tomorrow.

city beach white 100% pure linen.

And even though summer is slipping away + the mornings are becoming cooler, we still have our naps. Happy napping.

Pandora Craufurd for Natsukashi. Captured by Jean Morgan in collaboration with

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