100% PURE, SUSTAINABLE Linen Sheet Sets that will last a lifetime

OUR SHEET SETS | We are proud designers of 100% pure, sustainably made, Belgian linen, that is designed with function, the Australian climate and everyday use in mind.  Inspired by the rugged beauty of the West Australian coastline our staple linen collection boasts six colourways that reflect slow beachside living.

NEW TO LINEN? | New to linen? You won’t look back, trust us! It’s breathable, bacteria resistant, twice the tensile strength of cotton and gets softer with every sleep. Our linen is naturally pre-washed without the use of any nasty chemicals – ready to be loved and laid in as soon as it arrives at your door.

SUSTAINABLE |  Our process considers the entire lifespan of our linen, from seed to home. We only produce in small batch, with people we know, ensuring our linen is both made fairly, and priced fairly. We use a minimal waste production method, without chemicals and each of our linen sets comes in their own reusable linen bag made from recycled linen offcuts.