About Us

We believe in simple rituals; sleeping in, home cooked meals + lazy Sundays. In sharing spaces with those you love. In the desire to live beautifully. In going slow. In comfort. In curiosity. Natsukashi is our belief in simple, home living.

Our Story

Natsukashi is a homewares design studio, born on the West Coast of Australia. We are proud designers of 100% pure, sustainably made, Belgian linen, that is designed with function, the Australian climate + everyday use in mind. From the very beginning, we have employed a sustainable making process that considers the entire lifespan of our linen, from seed to home. We only produce in small batch + with people we know, ensuring our linen is both made fairly + priced fairly.

OUR bedding

Natsukashi offers the most affordable, pure linen bedding in Australia + we don’t compromise on our responsibilities to do so. We guarantee our linen is ethically produced by our partner manufacturer, a family owned + operated textile maker in Shenzhen. Part of our mission to design responsibly means we know where our linen is made + by whom. We use a minimal waste production method, without chemicals + each of our linen sets comes in their own reusable linen bag made from recycled linen offcuts.  Inspired by the rugged beauty of the West Australian coastline our staple linen collection boasts six colourways that reflect slow beachside living.

OUR connections

The Natsukashi Artist Series was born from an absolute belief in shared experiences. Spanning from the Indonesian archipelago to inner-city Osaka, Japan, we collaborated with several artisans from across the world who we now call friends to work on this growing part of our offering. The series is all about slow living, small-scale production, supporting locals and honouring traditional techniques. Summoning the workmanship + traditions of cultures near + far has given each of our collections a unique intention to produce simple, handmade, beautiful wares that you’ll buy once and keep forever.