Why Linen?

There are few things quite like sleeping on 100% pure linen. Here’s why.

Natsukashi Linen

Our Linen is naturally stone washed before it reaches you, which means it’s ready to be loved + laid in as soon as it arrives at your door.  It adjusts to your body’s temperature + the seasons, making it perfect for both balmy summer nights + chilly winter mornings.

For the environment, we’re proud to say there are no nasty chemicals used in the production of our sheets as our manufacturing partners share Natsukashi’s concern for sustainability. Linen itself is a renewable resource, needs no irrigation + is fully biodegradable.

For the sensitive, linen has a natural pH balance + an ability to filter and ventilate air, making it extremely breathable. It’s also bacteria resistant so it’s ideal for those with allergies or skin irritations + for sensitive little ones.

For the naughty kids, dogs and well let’s be frank, adults linen is beautiful but strong. The tensile strength of linen thread is twice that of cotton + when cared for properly can last forever.