About Us

For sleeping in, home cooked meals + lazy sundays. For the spaces you share. For the desire to live beautifully. For comfort. For curiosity. Natsukashi is our ode to the home.

Our Story

Opened in the summer of 2017 on the West Australian coast, Natsukashi is a homewares design studio and online store. We design + craft in house, source our wares globally + work collaboratively with both local Australian + International creators as part of our Artist Series. Summoning the workmanship and traditions of cultures near and far has given each of our collections a unique intention to produce simple, handmade, beautiful wares that you’ll buy once and keep forever.

OUR bedding

Natsukashi Linen is designed in City Beach, Western Australia, it then begins it’s life in the regions of Belgium that border France, it travels to China to be woven + finished into sheets with our partner manufacturer, before arriving on the West Coast of Australia + finally to your home, wherever that is in the world, we’re super happy to be a small, cosy part of it. Our staple linen collection boasts six colours that reflect slow beach side living…we’re so proud of their origin, we even named them after our favourite places along the West Australian coast.

OUR connections

The Natsukashi Artists Series was born from an absolute belief in shared experiences. Spanning from the Indonesian archipelago to inner city Osaka, Japan, we collaborated with several artisans from across the world who we now call friends to work on this growing part of our offering. The series is all about slow living, small scale production, supporting locals and honouring traditional techniques. You can read more about the artists + our journey with them beside their works.